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PatNetPro is a one-stop, full-service agency providing our clients with a broad range of services connected with the instruments that offer Intellectual Property protection in Israel and the USA and throughout the world, namely:

We offer a one-stop service for your global intellectual property formality needs, including all filing requirements, monitoring and ancillary services like translation, searching and renewals. Our goal is to streamline the process for you. We’ll adapt to meet your needs and way of operating and not the other way around.

PatNetPro utilizes the talents of expert professionals in the drafting, prosecution, protection and defense of Intellectual Property Rights, and protects Intellectual Property assets such as patents, trademarks and designs from professional and competitive aspects.

At Patnetpro, we have assembled a team (“Patnetpro-fessionals”) of licenced and qualified Israel and US Patent patent agents, industrial property agents, trademark and design agents. We look after each of our clients Intellectual Property portfolios and endeavor to ensure the most optimal and efficient protection of their IP rights at a reasonable cost to our clients.

We work with an extensive and carefully selected network of partners and associates throughout the world. We consider each of our partners and associates to be among the top specialists in their areas of expertise, each in their particular country. We provide our clients with professional services in any and every country or region worldwide, with special emphasis on each of our client’s specific needs.

We offer our clients expertise, cost savings, quality, flexibility, and support services for the entire life of their Intellectual Property.

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E-mail: [email protected]

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